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There is no Charlotte thread.  So let's have one!

Often times at work, I leave a browser tab open to Google Maps, and I notice that I-77 southbound is often backed up from Mooresville to Huntersville during weekday AFTERNOON rush hour.  This is essentially going towards the city.  The northbound crawl away from the city in the afternoons seems to thin out a little once you're past Cornelius, but the southbound backup baffles me a bit.  Does Mooresville really have a sizable enough job base to justify this apparent reverse commuting pattern?  I know Lowe's Home Improvement is headquartered there, but I wouldn't think that would be enough.

Traffic at the lake is hell during the week.  My wife has some business in Charlotte and what is usually about 45-50 mins from Statesville stretches into an hour to an hour and a half.

Third Strike:
Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I-77 is only two lanes on each side until it reaches I-485. Not to mention the interstate and intrastate commuters coming from Virginia and points north, along with I-40. Similar situation with I-77 in south Charlotte heading north. It is almost always backed up.

The Ghostbuster:
I heard somewhere that HOT Lanes were coming to the Charlotte Area. Is this still the case, or did I mishear about that?

You are correct. HOT lanes are coming to 77 north of Charlotte, I believe.


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