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For some stupid reason, CalTrans is a cheapskate when it comes to signage. If they put a new number on a road, instead of putting up a totally new BGS, they just do this:

from AARoads Shield Gallery

The shields could peel off, causing a mistake like this one:

from WestCoastRoads


the old signs with patches are of incredible historical value, and - if they were just power-washed a bit more often - would be perfectly serviceable. 

where else are you going to find the evidence for the fact that this intersection was, in 1960, signed as the split between US-60, and I-10/US-70/US-99?  Furthermore, where else are you going to find a sign that is 49 years old and remains completely and perfectly comprehensible to all who pass by it.

It beats the hell out of a state like Arizona that insists upon replacing every dang sign in the state once every five years, with the latest new-fangled optional font.

now quit hotlinking to the shield gallery in an attempt to mock and discredit its contents.


--- Quote from: HighwayMaster on October 18, 2009, 05:43:23 PM ---I understand that, agentsteel53. By the way, I'm sorry about the shield gallery thing. Those 2 pics are the best ones I could find.

--- End quote ---

well yeah, for that first gantry a friend of mine went out there with a zoom lens and got some dang good shots of that sign, and one on the 10 freeway mainline with another old 60 shield.  It's not by accident that they're the best you can find!  The photos are to be used as historical evidence, not as "hurr hurr look at how dumb California is".  If that's the dumbest thing you can find about CA, you clearly haven't lived there much ;)

here's a decent picture of a resurrected US-50.  Note the green cover plate under the sign on the catwalk.  The photo floats around the internet so much that I have no idea who took it in the first place.

I don't know if the 7 shield you reference was due to a fall-off, or if they just plain forgot to patch it in the first place, because the 7 and 60 shields appear to show the same quantity of wear. 

somewhere I have a picture I took of an uncovered 17 shield under a 580 patch in the Bay Area; it's an awful photo since I took it at 10 at night - when I returned at 7am the next day, it had been already patched.

what's wrong with the signs the way they are?  the only real fundamental flaw that CA signs have is the lack of exit tabs.  Otherwise the vast majority work great. 

sometimes highway departments seem to get too caught up in replacing signs just for the sake of replacing signs, as opposed to focusing on the important concerns like how they never actually built the 7 to go to Pasadena!

(see also the Akron thread.  Brand new signs.  The place remains ... Akron.)


--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on October 18, 2009, 06:05:57 PM ---(see also the Akron thread.  Brand new signs.  The place remains ... Akron.)

--- End quote ---

Well, call me crazy.  (agentsteel53 probably thinks I am anyway. LOL)  But,the 10 years I spend in Akron were the 10 best years of my life.  I much rather live there than California with the exception of the Sierra Nevadas and Feather River Canyon.


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