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Big construction project at the Newhall interchange--what are they building?


hm insulators:
I was in California over the holidays and I stayed at a motel in Sylmar. One evening, I decided to brave the Newhall interchange bottleneck for some prime rib at a Black Angus near Magic Mountain, and as I headed up the I-5 past California 14, I noticed in the gathering dusk huge construction cranes by the interchange and even some large bridge piles (supports) lying near the freeway. Intrigued, I drove through the interchange during the daytime a couple of afternoons later.

Looks like they're doing a major revamping of the I-5/I-210/California 14 interchange? Anybody in the San Fernando Valley area or Los Angeles care to elaborate?

The construction that's been going on at the Newhall Pass interchange is new Direct HOV Connectors from I-5 to California 14.

J N Winkler:
Construction plans are still available:

(In order to find them, I had first to find the Caltrans engineering authorization [EA] number, which--with the district number--forms the Caltrans contract number.  It turns out that if you click on "Project-related press releases," you get sent to a Flash-generated page with links to relevant press releases, all of which have the first five digits of the EA in their URLs.)


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