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US 395:

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--- Quote from: US 395 on December 04, 2023, 01:24:10 AM ---Let's be honest, Vegas legislators already have issue with anything being done or considered up here in the north.
But yeah, I don't see late 2020's being realistic either.

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There are not any major cities to the west and south of that junction for at least 30 miles, and no city with over 100,000 people for 130 miles. Most people tolerate a signalized intersection there due to it being an endpoint of a freeway.

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Yeah but that doesn't mean that it should remain as is. We folks up north would like to see our tax contributions go to our stuff too, not just have it funneled down to Vegas for their stuff.

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I suspect most people would prefer to have that money spent on making improvements to the Reno spaghetti bowl, or improving freeway access to Reno-Tahoe Airport, or converting some interchanges in Reno to DDI's, instead of removing one stoplight on the way to Minden.

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To be fair, NDOT is looking at a total 20 year timeline for Reno Spaghetti Bowl improvements. I highly doubt a few million bucks for a SPUI will help speed up construction.
It would be nice to see another set of ramps for the airport for to/from South Reno/Carson City traffic but I wouldn't know on how they would go about to constructing them. There isn't much room around the existing ramps.

The SPUI wouldn't remove the light for Minden-bound traffic. But it would be beneficial for Tahoe-bound traffic. No stopping required.

Plutonic Panda:
^^^ why can’t they issue bonds to help speed it up?

Carson City and Washoe County are entirely different pots of funding, because each has its own MPO. Spaghetti Bowl is mostly MPO funding, a decent amount of which comes from Washoe County's admittedly high gas tax. Carson Area MPO doesn't have the funding to do both that interchange and other necessary projects.

Speaking as somebody who uses that intersection frequently, an interchange is not a necessity at this time. It would be nice, sure, but having a signal there serves a purpose and backups that take more than one cycle to clear are not common. There are also benefits to metering Tahoe-bound traffic.

Excluding SBX (technically its own thing), the Spaghetti Bowl project is 15 years. That would be long if it was just a single interchange, but it isn't. The project covers a reconstruction/widening of both 80 and 580/395 for several miles, including the Nugget Viaduct and lots of ramp braiding. And NDOT wants to do it all with minimal lane reductions. Projects of this scale taking over a decade is not uncommon.

Groundbreaking ceremony next week for widening of I-15 south of Las Vegas.

--- Quote ---Widening I-15 from six to eight general-purpose lanes between Sloan Road and St. Rose Parkway
Widening and restriping I-15 from six to 10 general-purpose lanes between St. Rose Parkway and Blue Diamond Road
Adding a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction between St. Rose Parkway and Blue Diamond Road
Resurfacing bridges and pavement preservation at the Blue Diamond Interchange
Construction of 10 new sound walls near residential areas throughout the corridor
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I assume this is a prerequisite for building the new airport they're planning between Jean & Primm.


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