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Flashing Yellow Arrow signals coming to Nevada

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The 2009 MUTCD has adopted Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) displays as the main method for signalized left turns. Now, it would appear NDOT and various public works agencies in Nevada are adopting this change on a widespread basis. (explanatory video/brochure)

As far as I'm aware, there are currently only two FYA installations in the entire state, both in Carson City. These are the Fairview Drive (Temporary US 395/US 50) intersections with Roop Street and Saliman Road.

With budget issues the way they are right now, I don't expect to see much in the way of mass replacements. It seems more likely that new signal installs and planned upgrades to existing signals will get FYA's first, with other signals coming along much later.


FYA displays, as adopted by the MUTCD, had originated in Reno and saw some widespread use. There did not appear to be any installations remaining by the time I moved to Reno in August 2001 for college.


The animated PowerPoint I put together illustrating some of the differences between current protected/permitted left turn displays and FYAs can be seen here: //

There is one here in Phoenix on 68th street and McDowel Road.  It used to be a protected left but was converted to the flashing yellow arrow.  At first I thought what the f*** is this?!

NE 28th and Sandy Blvd in Portland. It took a couple passes through the intersection to appreciate the signal. That said, it STILL has a signal phase cycle that's contrary to the rest of the city :x

Is that Portland, Oregon?

Oregon was one of the early adopters of FYA signals. As I understand, some of the cities there and maybe Oregon DOT were among the first to request official experimentation of the concept from FHWA.

KEK Inc.:
Personally, I think it confuses drivers who are unfamiliar with the FYA.  There's nothing wrong with the solid green (or the flashing green arrow in Canada).

[Removed unnecessary coloring. -S.]


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