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With most attention of record-breaking infrastructure going to China, Turkey is also catching up. Under construction is the Dardanelles Bridge, or Çanakkale köprüsü in Turkish, formally known as the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge.

The bridge will span the Dardanelles with a 2,023 meter (6,637 ft) main span between the towers. This will be the longest such span in the world, the current record is the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge in Japan which has a 1,991 meter span.

The main bridge layout is 770 m + 2023 m + 770 m. The bridge pylons are 318 meters tall. The bridge carries a new motorway (otoyol) connecting Europe to Asia. This'll be the first such intercontinental link outside of Istanbul.

Construction began in March 2017. The towers topped out in May 2020. The bridge is scheduled to be completed on March 18, 2022. Now that the towers are complete, the vertical suspension cables will be attached, after which the bridge deck will be lifted into place, this is a pretty quick process. The adjacent infrastructure is already nearing completion.

An 88 kilometer motorway will run across the bridge. It's visible on recent Google Earth imagery, I tracked it here:

Man, who knew I needed to travel to Turkey this year.

Road Hog:
Free or toll?

All motorways (otoyollar) in Turkey are tolled, so this one will be tolled as well.

Some recent photos:

The bridge has been inaugurated today. It has opened to traffic at midnight (March 18-19).

This is now the world's longest span bridge.


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