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I-49 Inner-city Connector(Shreveport)

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So, the Loop It/Allendale Strong groups are using the Cultural Surveys option as their means to block the ICC? Really??

Other than that small portion north of Caddo/Ford Street to SWEPO Park, I don't really see any cultural resources or residential displacements that would dissuade development within Shreveport.

Also, if Shawn Wilson (LaDOTD Secretary) is crawfishing back to the "boulevard" option, then wouldn't that add even more expense to the "Loop It" option, since there still would be the need for a through freeway connection at the ends of this "boulevard"?

Looks to me like they are putting all their eggs in the basket of Buttigieg's anti-freeway opposition. LotsaLuck on that.

Also, props to LADOTD for finally updating the ICC website. Took them a good while.

This is what the economics say.
Build Alternative 1 Inner City Connector
– Fully elevated, 2 internal interchanges, 4 lanes - $547M
– Fully elevated, 2 internal interchanges, 6 lanes - $640M
Build Alternative 5**Loop It
– Resurfacing and widening existing LA 3132 - $832M
– Reconstruction and widening existing LA 3132 - $846M

I have said this over and over again. The businesses in the affected area of Allendale (small mechanic's shops, used tire stores, not much else) support the ICC. The affected neighborhood north of Caddo street and East of Allen Avenue will be worth more after the construction.  There isn't much between Allen Avenue and downtown as far as goes residential units.  There is some apartment construction a good bit east of the ROW.  There will be a few reasonable quality homes lost to the construction, but most of the units (including a  rather old apartment complex) are things that are at least sub-standard if not below what should be habitations for anyone. I would add one other thing, they could buy ALL of the businesses,  and occupied houses in the freeway path AND in the area north of Ford Street and East of the ICC for SIGNIFICANTLY less than the difference (probably around $10-million or less to buy all of them and resettle the occupants)

I would like to see how the house to house surveys came out. (Then again that all depends on the way the questions were phrased. )


By this afternoon, traffic had figured out to avoid I-220. The side roads were a mess.

This is only a minor part of why Shreveport needs the Inner city connector.  I -220 , Market Street and Grimmet Drive are the sole ways from north to south. When I-220 gets blocked, there are hours long delays.

Plutonic Panda:

--- Quote from: bwana39 on September 24, 2021, 11:16:07 PM ---This is what the economics say.
— Fully elevated, 2 internal interchanges, 6 lanes - $640M

— Reconstruction and widening existing LA 3132 - $846M

--- End quote ---
Both of these need to happen. Several parts of I-20 need to rebuilt and expanded. I really never thought about it until now but Shreveports freeways are severely neglected. Lots of money the state should pour into fixing them.


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