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Dallas North Tollway Widening from SH 121 to US 380

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NTTA is soliciting bids to widen the DNT from 3x3 to 4x4 from SH 121 Sam Rayburn Tollway to US 380. US 380 is the current north terminus of the main lanes (although frontage roads extend further north).

This should be relatively easy since it was designed to be widened into the median space. The bad news is that it will be impossible or impractical to make it any wider.

The solicitation is listed online.

There is also a notice in today's Dallas Morning News.

Road Hog:
With the US 380 overpass nearing completion, that will just hasten the build-out of Prosper and the north part of Frisco.

Plutonic Panda:
It looks like you might be able to squeeze a fifth lane in at some point in the future but it would be very tight.

A 4x4 configuration from the SRT to US-380 is possible, but it won't be all that easy or cheap to build. Some of the 4x4 configuration can indeed be done by using up the bits of median along much of the stretch. It's still likely some bridges and ramps would have to be modified if the road is to be 4x4 lanes the entire way.

I don't think a 5x5 configuration is possible at all, not without a major tear-down and re-build -one that would include altering the frontage roads. Within the boundaries set by the frontage roads I don't think there is even enough room to add support piers for any elevated viaducts for additional capacity years or decades later.

Webber has been awarded this contract for $127 million. 40 months seems long for construction, but construction schedules always seem to be extended these days.

--- Quote ---Ferrovial, through Webber, its US construction subsidiary, has been awarded the contract to widen a 15-kilometre section of the Dallas North Tollway, in Texas. The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) has selected the company to execute this contract worth USD 127 million (about €119 million).

The work is scheduled to begin in September and take an estimated 40 months. It will increase the road’s capacity and help alleviate congestion in north Dallas while improving connections to Collin, Denton and Grayson counties.

As part of the project, Webber will widen the existing toll road from three to four lanes in each direction. The work will include widening 22 bridges as well as upgrading overpasses and building new ramps. Safety lighting will also be upgraded and signage will be replaced along the corridor.
--- End quote ---


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