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Future Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge

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The I-270 bridge/New Chain of Rocks Bridge north of Downtown St Louis will be replaced across the Mississippi one of these years. I think IDOT even has plans for it

It is discussed a little bit on the “St Louis Freeways”  thread on the Central States board

This is another crossing north of the Ohio-Mississippi Confluence, so the river isn’t as big, but it is downriver of the Illinois and Missouri into the Mighty Mississippi

The Chain of Rocks Bridge does have the benefit that the Mississippi is not navigable here, as the Chain of Rocks Canal is the shipping channel at this spot along the river

TECHNICALLY BR belongs to the Southeast Sub...There have been LOTS of discussion of this.
This one addresses it particularly.

Almost all of the stuff addressing the Hernando DeSoto bridge damage, those addressing the I-55 / Crump Boulevard (Memphis) intersection, there is probably as much discussion of this bridge on the I-49 (South) and I-69 threads as the roads themselves.

As to the Public Meetings, I was aware of them, but not sure if it came from this site or from Louisiana media.

I would disagree with the poll on that link. Baton Rouge needs a new Mississippi River Bridge far worse than Memphis (or anywhere else along the Mississippi RIver ESPECIALLY at Arkansas City Arkansas. ) While people from large metro areas would argue, Baton Rouge has been cited as one of the top 5 worst highway congestion cities of any size in the US.

Everything in this thread that isn't about the future Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge is off-topic. Moderators, can we get that stuff moved to the poll topic, please?

I think we can assume that Louisiana will build a new bridge over the Mississippi River since DOTD is going to be holding public meetings about it.

By the way, the next round of statewide elections in Louisiana comes up next year. That includes governor and every seat in the legislature. And there's that $6 billion we're getting for infrastructure. So there's a lot of incentive for the government and people who want to be in the government to start talking about it.

How high of a priority is this new bridge to DOTD? I’ve seen it ranked up pretty high, but it seems that I-49 and the Lake Charles bridge are higher up on the grand scheme of things.

Re. Poll topic:
It surprised me after I made that poll how tilted it was towards Memphis. I think there’s just a lot of people on this forum and in real life that just don’t understand how bad the traffic in Baton Rouge really is (or they just haven’t been to that part of Louisiana). I-10 in Baton Rouge is just as reliable as a traffic choke point as I-35 in Austin IMO (the differentiating factor here is while TxDOT has money to fix Austin, DOTD doesn’t have much to spare to fix BR). Memphis doesn’t usually have traffic problems on its bridges, but Baton Rouge does.

I’d say the big problem with Baton Rouge is that there’s no bypass. Thru traffic either has to ram straight through the busiest freeways in BR, wait through traffic lights on Airline, or make a crazy detour. In one of threads about Mississippi River bridges someone tried to argue that the LA 10 bridge is a useful alternative to the mess of town. No it’s not. You have to backtrack on back roads in order to even access the bridge. The bridge is basically abandoned and only serves local traffic.

Audobon Bridge is waaaay too far north and waaaay too rural to be an alternative for I-10 traffic, unless you were able to 4-lane LA 10 to New Roads and LA 1 all the way to Alexandria....and that would only relieve the default route of I-49 to Opelousas to US 190 east.

A southern BTR *freeway* bypass at the least is most badly needed, which is why it sucks major hooty that they decided to just use existing arterial routes (extended LA 415 to LA 1, then new Addis bridge connection to LA 30) rather than just build a new freeway/tollway connection. Heck, in that case, just upgrade LA 1 with bypasses of Plaquemine and Donaldsonville, connect to the Sunshine Bridge, and complete a connection to I-10 south of Gonzales.

A northern BTR bypass using a connection to US 190 west of Lobdell, then all of Airline Highway up to Plank Road, then turning north and east through the Amite/Comite River plain north of Denham Springs and Walker is planned as part of the BTR toll loop proposal. Though, I'm wondering if the BUMP plan, that would upgrade all of Airline Highway from Lobdell clear through to Jefferson Highway (including those wack cloverleaf interchanges with Greenwood Springs Road, Florida Boulevard (US 190B) and I-12), would be a more efficient bang for the buck.


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