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2023 College Football Season

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I'll kick things off (pun intended) with my predictions for the New Year's Six Bowls:

Cotton: Notre Dame (Independent) over Houston (AAC and highest ranked G5 champion)
Orange: Clemson (ACC champion) over Kentucky (SEC East 2nd place)
Sugar: Texas A&M (SEC West 2nd place) over Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion)
Rose: Oregon (PAC 12 North Champion) over Michigan (Big Ten East 2nd place)

CFP/Peach: Alabama (SEC Champion) over Utah (PAC 12 Champion)
CFP/Fiesta: Ohio State (BIG Champion) over Georgia (SEC East winner)
CFP Final: Alabama over Ohio State

I think the defending national champions will at least make it back to the CFP final game.

Go Dawgs!

I made my W-L predictions for the SEC a few days ago...

SEC West:
1. Alabama (11-1)
2. Arkansas (9-3)
3. Texas A&M (9-3)
4. Ole Miss (9-3)
5. LSU (7-5)
6. Mississippi State (6-6)
7. Auburn (3-9)

SEC East:
1. Georgia (12-0)
2. Kentucky (10-2)
3. Tennessee (8-4)
4. Florida (6-6)
5. South Carolina (5-7)
6. Missouri (5-7)
7. Vanderbilt (2-10)

I also expect Alabama to beat Georgia in the SEC championship again.

Go NIU Huskies, lets go back to back again in the MAC

Billy F 1988:
I think with some of the shakeups going on in the world of CFP, I'm eager to see if Bobby Hauck and his band of maroon and silver clad boys can finally bring the biggie home for Montana. It's been 21 years since the 2001 D1AA/FCS title game against Furman and 27 years from the first D1AA/FCS title game against Marshall. Early predictions from Leerfield have Montana in a favorable position. The biggest thing to notch off the list of rivals this upcoming season is Idaho. Since Idaho is back in FCS play, they've ramped up a bit on their gameplay. There are two new schools we haven't played yet. Northwestern State and Indiana State. It'll be interesting to see how these two square up. Idaho State has sort of been a bur up Montana's backside over the last few years. Eastern Washington is an FCS magnet. They've got a pretty stout roster in several areas. And yes, them dadgum skitty kitties of Montana State! If coach Hauck and his boys notch them off at the "Brawl of the Wild" game, they'll be in pretty sound territory to make another FCS playoff run.


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