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Article came out today in the Chattanoogan, saying improvements to I-24 at Moccasin Bend could begin next year. Article also has a nice historic photo of the Tennessee River being shifted over so that I-24 could be constructed.

US 89:
I hope those improvements include another lane in each direction. I have gone through that area several times and never has there not been some sort of congestion.

That article also says both phases(dividing line is Browns Ferry Rd) are just now in preliminary engineering phase so I would be interested to see when in '24 this project would begin.  It is widening 24 from TN/GA State line to US 27.

I want to say the median in the Mocassin Bend stretch is just wide enough to accommodate at least one extra lane in each direction, but it’s hard to tell because the carriageway elevations are offset, with the westbound lanes next to the river being a few feet lower than the eastbound lanes.  So there will definitely be a tall retaining wall on the left shoulder of the westbound lanes, and the right shoulder may very well have a retaining wall in the river.

^ I want to say we had a thread discussing this recently.  Preliminary plans are online and I recall looking at them.  The plan is to squeeze between the existing lanes and the railroad...there isn't enough room in the median so the widening will extend some towards the railroad.  IIRC they are not going to extend any widening on the river side.


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