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I'm looking to further my international road atlas collection. I'm hoping to get local publishers if possible, though I recognize it may not be possible for some regions. Does anyone have any recommendations for publishers to look into? So far I have as possibilities:

*Canada - MapArt (though other threads suggest things have changed there)
*USA - Rand McNally (and others)
*Mexico - Guia Roji
*Europe - Michellin, Collins
*South Africa - MapStudio

I use Guía Roji for Mexico as well, even though there are errors.  The last edition I bought was 2011, so I suppose I ought to start looking for a newer one.

I'd love to get one for India.

I bought a 2015 Guia Roja (newest on Amazon) and it came today. Looks good so far.

Hema for Australia/New Zealand looked interesting, so did Periplus for Japan and SE Asia. ITMB is not local but since the Caribbean and Oceania might be difficult to get otherwise I might go with them for those.

Europe: Michelin or Collins
Germany/Austria: ADAC (can be difficult to find in North America, but they are still cranking out very detailed atlases)
UK: A to Z or Philips (especially their Navigator)
Canada: Map Art or BRMB (Backroad Map Book)
Mexico: None are particularly good
Japan: Mapple


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