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I-40 in North Carolina

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Thanks for this. Looks like we have three priorities for widening: Clyde to Black Mountain, Morganton to I-77, and Winston-Salem to Greensboro.

Before NCDots money woes, there had been scheduled public hearings on 6 laning I240 east to NC9.

Saw a good 2 to 3 dozen survey stakes all over exit 119 coming home tonite.  Not seeing anything on the NCDot letting pages.  Would have figured this interchange would be lower priority.

NCDOT announces some ramp closures at the Clayton exit on I-40. The EB exit will be closed tonight. Over the coming weekend the WB exit and the WB entrance ramps will be closed. This is all in preparation for upcoming lane shifts in the construction project.

At what point does NCDot need to recalculate based on 2050 instead of 2040

I did not know that there was an unnecessary I-40/I-240 concurrency.   :-D

Obviously that was just a typo, but I would think NCDOT would have higher priorities out there than a 6-lane I-40 heading east of Asheville. (such as maybe an improved section west to the US 74 split)


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