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AZ 95 in Needles, CA

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Max Rockatansky:
For some reason Needles has AZ 95 signed along Needles Highway approaching Broadway Street:

95AZb by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Isn't that, more or less, the routing (as AZDOT sees it)? AZ 95 follows BR 40 back to mainline Interstate 40 and continues with it over the state line to the continuation. There's AZ 95 continuation signage all over Needles.

Max Rockatansky:
More or less, thing is that Needles posted a US Route 95 shield at the intersection of K Street and Needles Highway:

IMG_4195 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

To that end, it would be logical to post "TO AZ 95" shields along Broadway Street and I-40.  That said, I've never seen any evidence that Caltrans was interested in doing something like that.  Given there is a US 95 and AZ 95 in Needles I tend to believe that the latter is simply a mistake.

I believe you can get the information you want here (Cameron Kaiser Floodgap roadgap website look for paragraph Detour AZ 95. This explains why AZ-95 is signed in CA  It is interesting that your photo of the the US-95 shield in Needles (if that is the location?) is not the usual cutout that CA normally uses.  That gives me the impression that the shield was supplied by AZDOT instead

Max Rockatansky:
Interesting, I completely forgot that sign was even there at K and Needles Highway.  Doesn’t help they I hadn’t been on northern AZ 95 since 2012.  There is more AZ 95 Detour signs on westbound Broadway Street approaching Needles Highway, the I-40 exit to J Street and at J Street/Broadway. 

(Mods, would it be possible to split these posts into an AZ 95 Detour thread?)
Done. :) —Roadfro


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