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As said in this thread, July is many people's least favorite because only MLB of Big Four leagues play (and MLS). But that could change. What would you do to change sports seasons' dates? At least NBA finals could end in July, and minor football leagues would play their seasons from February to July, as well as minor baseball and soccer leagues too. What are your thoughts?

I'd stagger the big four playoffs so that there's one every three months. Adding in MLS, the major college sports and periodic worldwide events would give each year a playoff or major sporting event in nine of the twelve months:

January: NFL playoffs
February: (Winter Olympics)
March: College basketball tournaments
April: NHL playoffs
June: College World Series
July: NBA playoffs
August: (Summer Olympics, Men's World Cup, Women's World Cup)
October: MLB playoffs
November: MLS playoffs
December: College football bowl games

The WNBA should become more popular.


--- Quote from: 1 on August 23, 2023, 01:49:17 PM ---The WNBA should become more popular.

--- End quote ---
Some basketball leagues should play in summer at outdoors. I once thought that all official basketball games are played at outdoors.

Big John:
^^ What is this outdoors place that basketball games should be played at?


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