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This is something interesting I found today...

Land transport in Antarctica is usually by foot (skis, snowshoes) or vehicles (tracked vehicles like snow mobiles and bulldozers and in the past dog sleds).

I think I smell an Antarctica trivia question next time I host it...

The US Gov't built a road from one of our coastal bases (McMurdo Station) to the South Pole base (Amundsen-Scott). It was opened in 2007, and it takes 10 days to traverse (using caterpillar tractors, of course!). It is not paved, just an area of flattened out ice and snow, with crevasses filled in.

I do not know of this is Antarctica Route 1.

Are there plans to connect it to the current US1 in Key West?   :-P  Sorry...I had to.

Kidding aside, it's really cool to see that!

There's a whole Wikiproject on Wikipedia dedicated to Antartica: :-P

Wonder what the traffic counts are like.


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