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Would anyone recommend traveling US 50 in Nevada, just to take the challenge?

If so, what are some good tips for preparation?

If you want to go over 7 mountain ranges on the loneliest road. Bring supplies with you.

It's not nearly as troublesome as people make it out to be. The biggest reason most don't take US50 is that it's not that direct of a route between two major places. I've never driven it all the way, yet.


I've never driven the route myself, but it's not nearly as bad as Time Magazine made it out to be (Time was where "The Loneliest Road in America" title came from).  US 50 is the major route across central Nevada, and has some of the state's larger rural towns not located near the I-80 corridor. If you want more information outside of the pictures here on AARoads, the Wikipedia article on the route is informative and very well researched (it's currently a 'Featured Article' candidate).

A better candidate for 'Loneliest road', at least as far as Nevada is concerned, is US 6.  From Tonopah to Ely (~165 miles), there is nothing of major significance and few (if any) services. 

If you do decide to brave "The Loneliest Road", you might check out the "Nevada Highway 50 Survival Guide" published on this page by the Nevada Commission on Tourism (scroll about 2/3 down, it's a PDF).

US 6 goes to Ely?


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