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Author Topic: New article on Cuomo/TZB bolts  (Read 6019 times)


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Re: New article on Cuomo/TZB bolts
« Reply #25 on: March 10, 2021, 02:25:55 PM »

Some responses to the TU article:

As I noted, the original story was quite biased. The response, of course, is biased the other way. But working in the industry, I guarantee you no one is going to keep the bridge open "because people expect it" if they think there is any realistic chance of failure. That is not something you want on your resume.

This. If anything, they'll close it out of an abundance of caution if they think it's necessary or the least bit unsafe. Kentucky has been closing structures like crazy in recent months; mostly low-water bridges and metal or concrete box culverts, due to insufficient supporting material or insufficient fill. Nothing has really changed to make them unsafe as compared to their condition prior to inspection, but they're being proactive in these closures just in case. And many of these are on low-volume rural roads. I can't imagine anyone keeping the TZB/MMC bridge open if they had any questions whatsoever, given the traffic that road carries.
I don't think that would happen. Bridge was running for a few years without obvious problem. My understanding that this is delay failure mode; and it may be about shorter lifespan, not an imminent failure. If they took some bolts out and they were intact, no need to rush.


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