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AARoads shield gallery updates

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added some Montana and a whole lot of North Carolina.  We need more '61 spec North Carolina shields ... we've got a whopping one... NC switched to the larger numbers as early as 1976 as evidenced by a Michael Summa photo from that year.

did a slew of New Jersey, and a bit of Nevada, and started New York.  NY is about half-done right now ...

also check out New Hampshire, Nebraska, and North Dakota, since I've done massive updates to those more recently than I've posted here.

Just noticed an I-81 shield in the State Highway section for PA.

BTW, you guys interested in a picture of possibly the last surviving Virginia I-77 shield with the state name in it that is still in the field?

yes, yes we are.  didn't know there was a 77 left!

Gonna be pretty hard to "pillage Will mercilessly" since trying to save an image results in saving 'spaceball.gif.' :spin:


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