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Quonset Hut In rural communities

Started by roadman65, June 09, 2024, 07:17:09 PM

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One of the things I enjoy to see is the same buildings used in Gomer Pyle USMC ( the sixties situation comedy) in travels around the country.

Most of my finds are in rural areas like this one on US 60 in Afton, OK.

How many others exist out there?

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There was one on the property behind me until the early 2000's when it was torn down and rebuilt as a standard garage. I don't know how long it had been there before that but probably decades.


There is one across the tracks from the Waupaca, WI VRF (Virtual RailFan) cameras.

There were a lot of them that were made available to the public as surplus when WWII ended.

There are also new versions that are commercially available, especially marketed as small airport hangars.



There are a few World War II-era Quonset huts in unredeveloped commercial districts:  Pacific Highway South near Des Moines, Washington.


There a bunch in Adak, AK where I'll be visiting in a little over a month.


There are quite a few of them in Goldsby, OK. They're often used as hangars for small airplanes, or else as sheds for agricultural machinery.
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Until 2002, WCBD-TV, the NBC in Charleston, SC had their studios in an old Quonset hut.

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