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Hello from Southwest Ohio

Started by tq-07fan, August 28, 2020, 01:28:04 AM

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Since I was a little kid I've liked stoplights, streetlights, road signs, road maps and stuff and still do. I am originally from Dayton Ohio but now live in the Cincinnati area where I've been driving transit buses since 2001. I still enjoy riding intercity buses but I like to drive my own automobile on a lot of day trips to look at trains taking a variety of roads and highways to get there. I've looked at this site several times and finally decided to join in.



Welcome from Massachusetts, and from a dual roads/transit geek. I hope you enjoy the forum.



Welcome from Massachusetts! (We're not all from Massachusetts.)

Traveled, plus
US 13, 44, 50
MA 22, 35, 40, 107, 109, 126, 141, 159
NH 27, 111A(E); CA 133; NY 366; GA 42, 140; FL A1A, 7; CT 32; VT 2A, 5A; PA 3, 51, 60, QC 162, 165, 263; 🇬🇧A100, A3211, A3213, A3215, A4222; 🇫🇷95 D316

Lowest untraveled: 25


Welcome from Massachusetts. I intend on seeing how far this goes until someone outside of the state breaks the streak.


Hello from Southern Illinois - just a little bit down-river from ya!

Never even been to Massachusetts :spin: but Welcome from Massachusetts!  :sombrero:



Greetings from not Massachusetts  :spin:, but another M state- Missouri!


Greetings from Southern California
(though I've been to Massachusetts too - most recently 2019).


Hello to all! I guess I have been to everyone's state so far. For as much as I have been in Massachusetts I have always been a passenger on the trains, buses and MBTA vehicles and never driven in the state. No regret especially after riding with my friend and gonig through an intersection where three directions of traffic simultaneously got a green light then later on going through one of those double rotaries without slowing down. It was different... :D

So far lots of good stuff on this site, glad I joined.



Welcome from someone across the Ohio River from you!
I don't need a GPS.  I AM the GPS! (for family and friends)


Welcome!   I just live a few miles from you in College Hill.
2di's clinched: 44, 66, 68, 71, 72, 74, 78, 83, 84(east), 86(east), 88(east), 96

Highways I've lived on M-43, M-185, US-127


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