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Port to Plains Corridor (I-27 extension) officially signed into law!

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Yeah, kind of like what ODOT did with Boise City. Except not seemingly permanent like what ODOT has done in Boise City.

That section of US-287 going around the East and North sides of Boise City would be fairly simple to upgrade into a future segment of I-27. ODOT might have to acquire a little more ROW for exit ramps at North Cimarron Avenue on the North side of town. They would need even more ROW still if they wanted to add continuous frontage roads alongside the future freeway. Currently they do have just enough room in place to add a second set of highway lanes.

The town of Campo, just across the border into Colorado might have to be treated in a similar fashion. Build a Super-2 bypass and then flesh it out into a complete Interstate quality facility over time.


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