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Port to Plains Corridor (I-27 extension) officially signed into law!

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Yes then make Laredo a four interstate City and have I-2 and I-27 head to head end. Yes KC will have it if or when I-49 gets completed as it will end opposite I-29, but that is been with one freeway existing for decades.

Plutonic Panda:

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--- Quote from: Henry on March 16, 2022, 12:26:41 PM ---I knew this would happen! If anything, I-27 would stand a far better chance of being built south of Lubbock than it would north of Amarillo, and good luck trying to punch a freeway through the middle of the latter city, unless a Jersey City-type situation would arise, where it would connect two distinct freeway sections via surface streets. Good luck figuring that one out.

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I know the inevitable comments to come to this but guess what I’d propose?

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More than likely, they would reroute I-27 around Amarillo through their loop.

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Fortunately Amarillo is a relatively small city that wouldn’t require some extensive out of the way bypass that be much longer rather than routing it straight the city.

I shudder about my comment earlier (in a similar thread) regarding US-287 in the Oklahoma panhandle near the Colorado border. I'm not a fan of rural 2-lane roads, particularly ones that dip and weave over irregular terrain, like that one does moving over the caprock boundary. One of my girlfriend's friends was killed in a head-on collision out there.

Then this evening I heard about the horrible 2-vehicle crash in West Texas. 9 people killed, 2 in a pickup truck and 7 others in a van. All from a head-on collision on a narrow 2-lane road out in the boonies. Apparently the pickup truck driver swerved over into the van's lane, hitting it head-on at high speed. I'm wondering why a van full of college athletes driving home to Hobbs after a meet in Midland were on FM-1788 rather than US-385. FM-1788 might be a "short cut" from Midland to Seminole. But US-385 is 4-lane divided the whole way, thus a hell of a lot safer from head-on collisions.

--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda ---Fortunately Amarillo is a relatively small city that wouldn’t require some extensive out of the way bypass that be much longer rather than routing it straight the city.
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It's a foregone conclusion a Northern extension of I-27 out of Amarillo would be routed around the West half of Loop 335. The whole 335 loop is going to get upgraded to Interstate standards, with the West side of it getting finished first. An I-27 extension Northward may do more to get the proposed directional stack interchange with I-40 and Loop 335 finished earlier than planned. It will be interesting to see how TX DOT accommodates the transition of I-27 onto Loop 335 on Amarillo's South side. It looks like too much development has taken place on the corners of the I-27/Loop-335 volleyball. They may have to build a short freeway connector to jump from I-27 over to Loop 335 to the West of that interchange. It would be similar to the Spur-327 thing on the SW corner of Lubbock.


--- Quote from: Great Lakes Roads on March 16, 2022, 01:25:30 AM ---Decided to make a new thread on this topic.

It's official! The I-27 extension from Lubbock following US 87, US 277, and US 83 to Laredo was signed into law yesterday by President Biden. It also includes an extension of I-27 north of Amarillo to Raton, NM via US 87.

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So now, we have permission to think about it. This is about what the "law" amounts to. There is no dedicated funding. There is no decree to actually build it. It is just a way for local members of Congress to say they are bringing home the bacon , when they really aren't. Texas is probably more likely to build I-27 than Louisiana is to build I-69, but then again just like I-69 (in Louisiana) is that where the actual priorities lie when the spending actually comes to pass?

US 89:
So now it's in the same category as I-11 north of Vegas. Meh. Update me when there are solid environmental documents and construction plans.


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