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I.E., little things that tick the roadgeek in you off.

For example, I HATE when people write interstate #'s like: I-70 = 1-70.  It just ain't right.  :banghead: :pan: :thumbdown:

When they (in my case the Manitoba Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, MIT) cancels a much-needed road upgrade such as the Perimeter Hwy in Winnipeg, and instead installs a new at-grade traffic light intersection there.  :angry: :verymad:

Calling it "the 5" or "the 90". This ain't SoCal, you transplant scum.

Also, people mixing up shields when making maps. It's simple enough to google it and pull up a Wikipedia article with the correct (and free-license/public domain) shield to use.

It's "Lake Shore Drive", three words, not two (i.e. "Lakeshore Drive").  It even says so on all the street blades and green signs.  And yes, you can call it "LSD" and "The Drive".  No one calls it "Route 41".

People saying US 30 ends in California...


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