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WeHa has bad traffic due to a lack of arterial surface streets. The Trout Brook Connector and the US 44 freeway would have alleviated a lot of it, but NIMBYs won that battle and now everyone getting off I-84 at Exit 43 is shoehorn onto Park Rd., Ttout Brook Dr., and Raymond Rd.


--- Quote from: MikeTheActuary on November 29, 2023, 09:08:26 AM ---West Hartford would, of course, be one of the first towns to jump on Connecticut's legalization of photo enforcement.

tl;dr: West Hartford, arguably the most car-hostile town in the Hartford metro area, has filed the paperwork to introduce 15 red-light and speed cameras.

I'm not necessarily opposed to photo enforcement when proper safeguards are in place...and it looks like CT's trying to pursue those safeguards (proper signage, only in areas with demonstrated need, human review before tickets issued, not recorded on MVR, steps taken to protect privacy).   But West Hartford has annoyed me since I moved to the area.  I respect their efforts to be more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, but given the town's location and the issues with crossing the metro area in a car....

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if NYC is any indication, it starts as oh we need it by the school zones, then suddenly you have random cameras everywhere that operate 24/7, once they get addicted to the extra revenue, all "Safeguards" go out the window.


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--- Quote from: shadyjay on October 14, 2023, 06:38:49 PM ---Took a drive around this morning before (and during) the rain to check on sign replacement and exit renumbering projects in southwest CT.  Drove I-91 up to Exit 10 and the length of CT 40.  I was hoping to find progress on CT 40's sign replacement (lumped in with I-91 Exits 9-18), but outside of new mile markers and some new sheets, there's little visible progress.  Also travelled more of CT 8 from Bridgeport to Ansonia (and last weekend from Winsted down to Waterbury).  In both trips, again, no visible progress on sign replacement, exit renumbering, etc.  There are a few scattered gantries in Derby and Bridgeport being replaced and saw no evidence of any excavation for new foundations or such.

I returned home via I-95, and stopped at the Milford-NB service plaza for lunch, where I caught this being built behind me in the parking lot:
95NB-MilfordPlaza-NewBldg by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

Similar structures are going up at other plazas, including Madison-SB.  I'm not sure what they'll be... it does remind me of a stand-alone Dunkin'.... perhaps either a "second prescence" at the plaza, or to replace their spot inside to make room for other tenants.  Madison-SB is "at capacity" but Milford-NB still has a vendor area available inside.  If these are going to be Dunkin' standalones, I suspect a lot of traffic around them, especially in the AM. 

And further up I-95, I stopped at the "Conn. Welcome Center" in Westbrook, NB.  It's still open, and the info center attendant said they'll probably stay open until the end of October/beginning of November, "same as last year" as he said.

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I asked the same question a few pages back and no one knew anything I'm curious too.. Maybe a stand alone welcome center? I mean Darien already has dunkin inside.

I even tried to look on the DOT website and I don't see anything showing.

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From the colors they're using on the building exterior, I would guess it's a Starbucks they're building.

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Yep been doing long truck driving and can confirm it's going to be starbucks.. it kinda seems pointless  is this some type of long term contract to build all of that?

I did not have this on my CTDOT reconstruction calendar...

CTDOT is planning on combining Exits 71 and 72 Southbound in Old Lyme into one interchange, with a frontage road and traffic signal.

Is this the new CTDOT method, removing trumpet interchanges and replacing them with ramps and traffic signals? While it's a good start, it does nothing to address widening I-95 in the area, nor does it look like the Northbound ramps will be combined, which also has a short weave.

This plan is a significant change to the one in the 2004 Branford to RI state line widening plans for I-95, which included 2 separate exits in a sort of "scissor weave" with the Exit 71 deceleration ramps crossing over the Exit 72 acceleration ramps.

They're planning on starting this project in 2028, which is right after the Exit 74 project in East Lyme is set to be complete.

Article with rendering linked below from the CT Examiner (no paywall)

Saw this too, and was a little disappointed for many of the reasons already stated (lack of mainline widening, no changes NB, etc). 

While eliminating the trumpet ramps to the north and replacing them with a light is not ideal, it does address the crossing traffic issue.  Maine recently converted one of its turnpike interchanges from a trumpet to a diamond, with no road heading west (similar to this case in CT).

I was not a fan of the former proposal in the old I-95 widening study that retained the present Exit 71 / 72 on/off ramps but had bridges in place instead of ramp changes.  So in that regard, this seems better, and cheaper.  Just wished they'd combine it into a consolidated Exit 71/72 NB/SB project with a little bit of widening and overpass replacement, and fast track the thing.  The proposal here isn't supposed to be a shovel until 2028... at the earliest!

But, alas, ConnDOT doing projects "half-ass" seems to be a thing lately.  I-95 Exit 74-75 project seems great, but doesn't widen out to Exit 76.  I-91 NB Exit 29/Charter Oak Bridge alleviated the congestion NB, but didn't do anything to fix the problem SB.  The Route 9/Middletown project is creating a NB acceleration lane from Route 17, but isn't touching SB.  And back in the 1990s, the Merritt Parkway/US 7 got half an interchange, with the other half in study ever since. 


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