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1. Valid signs have exactly one number in them. This can be done in several different ways: a route shield, a speed limit sign, "No trucks over 5 tons", etc.
2. A sign matches the previous one if at least one is true: a. the number matches, b. everything else matches regarding content. (The dimensions can be different, and for signs other than route shields, the wording can be slightly different if the message is the same except for the number.)
3. Regarding route shields, all circle shields (DE, NJ, MS, KY, IA) are identical, as are the squares in MA and ME.
4. A route shield on a BGS, LGS, or unisign can be played as if it was standalone. The same applies for other signs within signs.
4A. Added 5/30/19 11:10 AM EDT Elements of signs count as their own signs. This includes exit tabs, "exit 1 mile", [city] [distance] each on their own line, and more.
5. The sign used in the previous photo has to be the one played from.
5a. Exception: as an example, if a sign is being played for I-65, and there's a speed limit 65 sign in the photo, you can play the speed limit 65 sign in the existing photo and then post a photo of a speed limit 40.
6. Wilds are photos with the word "wild" in it, such as wild animals or Wildwood, FL. After playing a wild, choose a color for the next sign.
7. No playing twice or more in a row except after 24 hours of no activity.
8. You cannot use the same sign in the same photo more than once.
9. Added 6/4/19 9:02 PM EDT: No GSV

* Texas FM and RM routes are the same type, as are Idaho's white-on-black and black-on-white shields and Louisiana's green and white shields. FM routes look different on a BGS, but they are still considered to be identical.
* 14, 14.0, 14.00, and 14'0" are the same number. 2.5 matches 2½, Foot/inch height signs can be converted into their decimal value in feet.
* A lettered prefix or suffix on a route is not part of the number.
* M-less Michigan diamonds match standard Michigan diamonds and NC diamonds, but the latter two do NOT match with each other.
* Numbers can be spelled out, such as Seventh Street. "Third" counts as 3 (unless it means ⅓), and foreign languages count as the number they are intended to be.
* County routes must match design and/or county name (only one is required) to be considered the same type of sign.
* Single routes that have slightly different designs from everything else, such as WI 32 and GA 520, are compatible with unmodified versions. This is not the case for separate systems, such as states that have both primary and secondary numbered routes.
* A distance sign or sign element, such as "Alexandria 7", has the relevant sign element as the city name and number, not just the number.
* Conversions such as 1 mile and 1.6 km match number. You can also match the same number, such as 1 km and 1 mi.
* Signals, such as pedestrian walk timers, are allowed. Advertising billboards are allowed if they're meant for road traffic; exit numbers are equivalent to typical road signs that tell you which exit to use for a specific location. License plates are not.
* Phone numbers cannot be split into components.
* Pavement is not a sign.

I'll start with an Exit 12A gore sign in Taunton, MA. You can play a 12 of any type (remember that the 12 has to be the only number on the sign), or another gore sign for a numbered exit.

OK, so I'm playing a WV 12 sign. That means the next play can either be a "12" or a state with a square route marker, right?

2017 WV route-clinching trip Day 4 - 123 by H.B. Elkins, on Flickr

If it's a route marker, it has to look like that (or be a number 12); it can't just be any square marker. I'm not sure if CT's shields are perfectly identical to WV's or not.

However, 2 digit blank vs. 3 digit blank doesn't matter.

OK, let's try a GA 12 route marker.

Incidentally, if a MA shield is considered sufficiently different from a WV shield to count as distinct, does the same apply to each of the 24574 variations of the GA state outline? :sombrero:

In many applications...RI, MA, ME, CT, WV are quite similar. The last two usually use thicker borders, although WV uses wide shields for 3-digit routes and RIDOT sometimes forgets to use the state's initials.

Can we use assemblies with multiple signs, so as long as one sign/shield fulfills the request? I don't see that in the rules.

FL 12 and FL 65


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