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Figure we should have a general rolling thread for all earthquakes.

Today's entry: a 6.5 event northeast of Boise, Idaho. Epicenter is coincidentally near "Shake Creek".

US 89:
Note that this is less than two weeks after a 5.7 earthquake in Salt Lake City. Although that one was smaller in terms of magnitude, it produced more damage overall because it occurred much closer to populated areas, and the shaking intensity was equivalent because the geology of the Salt Lake Valley is more favorable for earthquake wave transmission.

We're still getting aftershocks from that, by the way. The vast majority of them are too small to feel, but every few days now there's a slightly stronger one that's felt close to the epicenter. In fact, we had some light shaking from the Idaho earthquake today and most people assumed it was just another aftershock.

This is the website I look at twice daily to get a forewarning (maybe) for the Cascadia Subduction Zone megaquake:

Earlier I read that when the Big One hits the PNW, it has a 30% chance of triggering the San Andreas Fault.  If you think the coronavirus pandemic is a big deal, just wait until you lose a million or more people and the entire productivity of the West Coast.

After reading about the big hits to Boise and Salt Lake City, how about this to make everything else look very small: Supervolcano eruption at Yellowstone.  This would be right on the cusp of a human species extinction event. 

Want to really finish us off?  After seeing all the above happen, there goes any space monitoring for small celestial bodies which could collide with the Earth.  Along one comes just at the right/wrong time.  Watch it land right on top of Wuhan...LOL!

If this stuff wasn't so serious, it would be fun to see someone make the biggest string of disasters movie one could create.  Do it "Airplane" style! 


US 89:
Just had a 4.2 aftershock in Salt Lake City. It's the strongest one since the day of the original 5.7 quake almost a month ago.

US 89:
Had yet another 4.2 magnitude aftershock this morning.


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