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ODOT: ‘Strong opposition’ from public on I-205 tolling

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ODOT will not toll the Tualatin River Bridge and will also not add a third lane in the area. Tolls and construction the Abernethy are underway.

The Tualatin bridge should never have been considered for a separate toll given its proximity to the Abernethy Bridge.
And adding a third lane to the area was one of the primary goals of the overall project.

Plutonic Panda:
Oregon seems pretty much hopeless at this point. This type of shit doesn’t surprise me. They could find the money but the political will isn’t there. I suspect ODOT knows this and just doesn’t want to waste their breath. Let the people suffer since they either want to be opposed to expansion or those on the pro expansion side aren’t making their voices heard enough. Enjoy your horrid traffic congestion and your shitty metro system.


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