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Song parodies by radio stations

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Remember when local radio stations used to make song parodies?

Q-102 in Cincinnati used to make parodies. They had "Rubber Baseball", a parody of "Rubber Biscuit." They had "Pair Of Socks", a parody of "State Of Shock." They had "Don't Worry, Life's Crappy", a parody of "Don't Worry, Be Happy." But some of the parodies they did were just stupid.

There was a station that made a parody of "Forever In Blue Jeans" called "Forever In Beer Cans." I don't remember what station it was though.

I know some station made a parody called "Pee-Pee Song." When I was about 8 (around 1981-82), I made a list of favorite songs they played on the radio, and that was one of them. I forgot about it until I found my old notebook when I was about 16 and couldn't remember what it was. I think it might have been the parody of "No No Song" that went, "No no no no, I don't pee-pee no more, I'm tired of it landing on the floor."

Another one was "Dear Mister Rogers", a parody of "Dear Mr. Jesus."

I remember a local radio station did a mashup of the similarity named songs “Woot There It Is” and “Woomp There It Is” when they were popular.

Big John:
I remember a couple sports related ones - Packer-ena from Macarena and I'm a Cheesehead Baby from Beck's Loser.


--- Quote from: Big John on October 04, 2023, 12:28:27 AM ---I remember a couple sports related ones - Packer-ena from Macarena and I'm a Cheesehead Baby from Beck's Loser.

--- End quote ---

WLAP-FM had "Funky Coach Pitino", a parody of "Funky Cold Medina."

When I lived in the Hampton Roads area, I listened to FM99-WNOR throughout the 1980's.  They employed a morning deejay, Henry "The Bull" Del Toro, who would co-host the morning show with another deejay (Ron Reeger from 1981-84, Jimmy Ray Dunn from 1984-90, and Tommy Griffiths from 1990-94).  Henry and Jimmy Ray did a few parody songs in the mid 80's such as "Atlantic Avenue", a parody using the music to Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue", and "The Old Man in Washington", set to the music of John Fogerty's "The Old Man Is Down the Road".

As an aside, Tommy and "The Bull" were responsible for the greatest April Fool's Day (4/1/92) prank in Hampton Roads radio history when they reported that Mt. Trashmore, a Virginia Beach city park off I-264 and Independence Blvd (Exit 17A) that used to be a landfill, had developed a build-up of methane gas and was going to explode sometime that morning based on what the "scientists" were saying.  Many residents around the area, and listeners, panicked and called authorities and 911 about this news.  This tied up 911 phone lines for nearly an hour.  Some families showed up at shelters with suitcases.  The "April Fool's" joke ended when police showed up at the station's studios.   In the aftermath, Tommy and "The Bull" were suspended two weeks and WNOR was sent a letter of admonishment by the FCC after the Virginia Beach police filed a complaint about WNOR with them.  After this, the FCC toughened up rules about broadcasting false information and would fine stations for doing this.


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