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Most iconic Meteorologist in each metro

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For Detroit I have two people but someone can add more and my first one is pretty obvious and that would be Sonny Eliot. Sonny was a fixture on WWJ radio for years who was known for making jokes during his weather broadcasts.

My second choice is John McMurray. John was on WJR radio and also WJRT-TV in Flint for many years. Both are well known in Detroit broadcasting history.

Brad Panovich of WCNC is pretty up there in the Charlotte area.

From my years in Los Angeles I would go with Dallas Raines on KABC.

Growing up in the Bay Area I'd say Pete Giddings on KGO; since I've returned I haven't watched enough local news to form an opinion.

This is a little bit of what Sonny Eiliot was like.


For Chicago, it is easily Tom Skilling.


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