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--- Quote from: Alps on February 10, 2016, 06:31:37 PM ---I was there in August and it was all 60 degrees and raining. Truth be told, you're lucky at any time not to deal with cold and rain when you're surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I wouldn't bother moving it to July, it's all a crapshoot.

I'll say this - you save $20 by looping NS first, going through NL, then doing PEI at the end - the bridge toll (leaving the island) is cheaper than the ferry. Both are free entering the island.

--- End quote ---
Agree with the weather assessment. I was there in 2006 from July 31 to August 12. The day we arrived it was in the middle of a rain storm with 50 degree weather. It was sunny and in the 60's for about half the days, cooler and cloudy the rest, including a torrential thunderstorm one evening. The major issue with traveling was road construction (the common refrain was there were only 2 seasons in Newfoundland, winter and construction) where traffic on routes, including the TCH, would suddenly be halted for long periods of time, often with no warning, usually with little or no detour routes available.

Living in eastern Nova Scotia and two hours from the ferry…..I’ve been to Newfoundland often.

Although most of the island of Newfoundland is below the 49th parallel which is the same as the US-Canada Border all across the west, the weather is greatly influenced by the surrounding water. June and early July can be cool and wet but it’s a crap-shoot as I did an ATV tour on the abandoned Newfoundland Railway inland away from the Gulf in late June 2009 and it was sunny and hot (”˜80s)

As the waters in the Gulf warm….August and early September are a great time to travel.

Here’s a trip across Newfoundland on Labour Day weekend in Sept 2014. Mostly sunny and warm but overnight showers one day.

I did a circle-trip on the Trans-Labrador Highway about 6 years ago over the July 1st Holiday weekend. Weather was sunny and in the 70s on the Island but got cool, cloudy and rain and mist when I crossed to Labrador. Farther inland it did warm up but the black flies at that time of the year are atrocious!

A couple of updates to that report. Although the Trans-Labrador Highway is still gravel from the coast to Goose Bay (540km)….the 530 km from Goose Bay to Labrador City is now paved.

I’ve gone to Labrador for work in mid to late September and days are sunny and in the '60s but there’s frost most nights and you can get a rainy day too..

Regarding the PEI Ferry:

When the bridge opened in 1997, the bridge toll was set at the same rate you would have paid if still crossing on the Marine Atlantic Ferry it replaced. That has increased yearly based on annual inflation and is currently $46 (cars) $18.50 (motorcycle)

The fare on Northumberland Ferries (which continue to operate in summer) at the eastern end of PEI to Nova Scotia was always higher. Currently $70 + $5 fuel surcharge. Motorcycle: $40 + $5 fuel surcharge.

(Bridge crossing: 13 KM, NFL Ferry: 22 KM)

And you only pay the bridge toll or ferry one-way as they are collected upon leaving the Island. So the choice is yours if doing a circle trip: Cross over for free on the ferry, return via the bridge and save $30 (car). Or…….have your free crossing on the bridge and pay the higher ferry rate to return to the mainland.
Funny how people have no problem paying a fare on the Ferry but find the bridge tolls outrageous. (You have to pay for a billion dollar bridge somehow!)

Also…’s all about convenience. I can remember coming back from PEI as a kid. Leaving the cottage early on a Sunday to beat the traffic after a weekend at the beach. Sitting in the car in long lineups on the dock for two or three hours……hot, sunburned……inching forward with each ferry crossing.

And in winter waiting for the winds to stop or the ice to clear. Now you cross the bridge on your schedule.

Pete from Boston:
How is the bridge holding up that harsh environment?


--- Quote from: Pete from Boston on February 13, 2016, 09:29:19 AM ---How is the bridge holding up that harsh environment?

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There's other bridges in equal or worse environments that are holding up just fine with regular maintenance.  Mackinac Bridge comes to mind.


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