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I have a few photos of it in marinating in the queue.

divided four-laner.  hardly anything once you get out of town, and then in town is the usual assortment of gas stations, wal-marts, etc. 


--- Quote from: andy3175 on January 21, 2009, 01:17:27 AM ---is us 301 currently a two-lane or four-lane highway? how much development is along the current alignment through Starke?

--- End quote ---

Actually US 301 is an undivided multi-lane facility through Starke (4 thru lanes with a continuous center turn lane).  The last time I was through the area the growth was pretty much along the US 301 corridor from about 2 miles south of Florida 16 to about 2 miles north.  Not much development for the city but the traffic there is horrible.

oh it's got no median through the town?

I just remember taking a bunch of the rural side streets looking for yellow 301s.  I remember there were a few in that general area; dunno if any where in Starke.

We just were told where two yellow U.S 301's are recently.


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