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Does anyone know if the Iowa section of Abbott Drive in Carter Lake is still a state highway?  Is it still Iowa 165 even though recent GSV imagery shows the Iowa 165 markers having been removed?  I took photos of both of the trailblazers at each beginning of the short state highway back in February 2016-- they have since disappeared.  Photos are of the northern beginning and the southern beginning, respectively.

IA-165NTSR by Paul Across America, on Flickr

IA-165UN by Paul Across America, on Flickr

Pottawattamie County map on Iowa DOT's website still shows it. And it's dated 1/1/2023. So yeah, still exists on paper, just no longer signed.

Interestingly the signs do not appear to have been removed at the same time: the northbound one disappeared between June 2019 and August 2021. The southbound one was still there in November 2022 but gone in May 2023.

Both signs, the post they were on disappeared with them so the removals were probably deliberate, but who knows. The southbound one was in a bunch of bushes that also got removed with it.

Took US 30 between Marshalltown and Cedar Rapids this week on the way back home from Denver and it looks like they'll have the last four lane gap filled by this time next year.  When they do, that will makes US 30 a very attractive alternate to I-80 for me moving forward.  Coming from Wisconsin, I will now be able to get to Des Moines and beyond on all four lane with way, way, way fewer trucks and other traffic with about the same travel time.  It's a much more relaxing drive.

Still a slowdown by that casino west of Toledo and the run of stoplights leaving Des Moines on US 65.  But everything else is pretty great. No worse than the signals one has to traverse in Dubuque or Marion. I think that will become my default path on any trip heading that general direction.

East Mixmaster construction is in full swing.  Especially the new NB I-35 ramp.  Seems like the biggest interchange project in Iowa since they overhauled the 29/80 commons in Council Bluffs.


--- Quote from: iowahighways on September 15, 2023, 05:58:34 PM ---
--- Quote from: Urban Prairie Schooner on September 15, 2023, 12:58:58 PM ---The September Iowa Transportation Commission meeting included an item "Transfer of Jurisdiction of Frontage/Access Roadways along Iowa 461 in Davenport".  What specific roads are these, and are they being transferred to or from state control? I wish the detailed agendas were available on the website before the meetings.

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I'm wondering if they're the frontage roads between 59th Street and 65th Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway. ( They were built around the time the one-ways south of 59th opened, in the spring of 1984.

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And I just found out that those were indeed the roads being transferred:

Revive 755:
So the Avenue of the Saints now has three active speed cameras in Lee County:


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