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MO: US 63 study from Jefferson City to Rolla


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* I'm not convinced of a great need to four lane this section yet.  I could go for an improved two lane route with four lane ROW.  I think four laning should be done after a few other projects such as bypasses for Macon, Hannibal, and Sedalia, or four laning routes such as US 65 from I-44 to US 54, US 54 from US 65 to where the current four lane ends west of Jefferson City, and the remaining two lane sections of US 50.

* I think it would be better to start with a bypass for Vichy rather than half a five lane section.  Or is Missouri now trying to imitate Nebraska with breaks in in the expressways?

* MoDOT getting too cheap to do a proper diamond interchange at the southern end off the route around Vienna?  See and


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