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New rules to ensure post quality. See this thread for details.

 on: Today at 03:31:52 AM 
Started by Bobby5280 - Last post by will_e_777
Is that concurrent section of I-240 and I-44 in southwest OKC is going to have a "West I-240" and "East I-44" signs in the same direction at that interchange with SW 59th?

 on: Today at 02:51:36 AM 
Started by adwerkema - Last post by jaehak
For me, looks like itís eastern 86, then eastern 88, then 73, then western 86, though I have passed that one on 84. Then maybe I 2?

 on: Today at 02:29:43 AM 
Started by Crash_It - Last post by Road Hog
Illinois isn't flat, and I can attest to this while losing traction on a few overpass approaches on I-57 South once it got too cold for road salt to work.

 on: Today at 02:23:51 AM 
Started by thspfc - Last post by Road Hog
Arkansas signs on I-40 westbound Fort Smith, which is destined to be a very small town as other towns grow around it.

 on: Today at 02:22:53 AM 
Started by CentralCAroadgeek - Last post by AsphaltPlanet
I took this earlier this evening.  I quite like it because the moon is in shot:


 on: Today at 02:17:34 AM 
Started by Stephane Dumas - Last post by Road Hog
I can provide links for a number of 20th Century Fox movie and television logos if interested.

 on: Today at 01:36:24 AM 
Started by thspfc - Last post by sprjus4
Isnít there a mileage sign on I-70 in Baltimore with Cove Fort, UT on it?
Careful thereÖ  :bigass:

 on: Today at 01:34:48 AM 
Started by thspfc - Last post by Roadgeekteen
Isnít there a mileage sign on I-70 in Baltimore with Cove Fort, UT on it?
Yes but that's more of a novelty sign.

 on: Today at 01:28:30 AM 
Started by Roadrunner75 - Last post by Alps
Seven southbound and eight northbound. It's the world's widest bridge by number of lanes (physically widest is the Capital Beltway Woodrow Wilson Bridge)
False. It's not all one bridge - SB is a different structure. If you count this as one bridge, then there is part of the Turnpike that is 18 lanes (6x3-lane roadways) and has overpasses.

 on: Today at 01:27:33 AM 
Started by Scott5114 - Last post by Alps
Thank you for implementing these new rules. I think we do need to hold posts to a higher quality and divert irrelevant discussion (or non-discussion) to another location.

Please do continue your policy of "no automated moderation" though. There are those days (or parts of a day) when my mind is racing along and I have lots of posts that I want to make that seem decent enough to me. I wouldn't want to be flagged and blocked from posting as a cooldown automatically.
Don't worry. We discussed the restrictions and we agree that this doesn't really change how we've been doing business, it's just a clearer explanation of why we make the decisions we do.

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