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Road Guy Rob on the History of Phoenix Freeways

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--- Quote from: KeithE4Phx on November 07, 2021, 09:59:30 PM ---Its southern terminus has yet to be determined, however.  Anything south of Wickenburg is still many years away.  Actually, anything south of I-40 is still many years away, other than 4-laning the remaining 2-lane sections of US 93.  Allowing access to the three dozen or so ranches that now connect directly to US 93 between Wickenburg and I-40 may be impossible, other than continuing with the current at-grade intersections.

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If rural interstates in western Texas can have at-grade access to ranches, I don't see a reason why the same can't be done here.

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There are also a few ranch gates visible on/along I-10 between Benson and the E side of Tucson.   

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Which gates are you referring to?  Gates to private property are rare on an Interstate. For the most part, frontages roads were built to connect up all private property to an interchange. There are a few exceptions, but many gates you see were exceptions for maintenance or a utility.  FHWA has to approve of all exceptions.

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They are there, along the EB "Virginia twinned" section of I-10, between Exit 281 and 291.   The EB lanes are the original two lane Benson Hwy alignment, and the WB lanes are the "newer" circa 1970  lanes.

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Thanks, that is where I assumed this is referring to.  It is almost entirely state land in that area. The gates were not for ranch access. The gates that remained were originally for AT&T or El Paso Gas, I believe.


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