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Road Guy Rob on the History of Phoenix Freeways

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--- Quote from: JoePCool14 on December 03, 2020, 04:18:40 PM ---Here's an interesting video from Road Guy Rob on the history of Phoenix freeways that just went up yesterday.

I'm not from Phoenix, but I have visited a couple times, and I really enjoyed the freeways there. Hearing this history was pretty cool and I thought he did a pretty good job with it.

He also mentioned the situation in Tucson which I found rather amusing.

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Too bad he didnít go over why loop 101/loop 202 didnít connect at the west end

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Generally Arizona has had good decision-making and design standards.  The "disconnnect" of Loop 101/202 on the west side, was a blunder, however.  Am of opinion that 101 should have been placed further W in the beginning (mid eighties), and the two connected, later.   

You have a couple of obstacles that constrained a west side 101/202 connection:

- Most of Tolleson would have been wiped off the map
- Angling the freeway north and west would have likely crossed Gila River Reservation lands; this tribe fought the Pecos alignment as it was

Am aware of the controversies.   Just saying - if 101 had been located - a bit farther W during the planning process, a route S of 10 could have missed Tolleson to it's W.   Maybe even making 303 superfluous and unnecessary.  Loop construction can only help the tribes in the medium/long term, by providing greater access and mobility for tribe members and providing freeway access/interchanges for casinos.   

Sort of unrelated, but why does Loop 303 start at exit 103? My first guess was that it'll get extended to I-8 at Gila Bend sometime in the far future, but that is not even close to half of 103 miles, and I highly doubt that it'll go further south of I-8.

Believe it was arbitrary, nothing else.  Uncertainty on where it would go, southward, and for how long a distance.  Most likely, it will not be extended to the SSW, to head in the direction of tiny Gila Bend. 


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