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Bridges / Re: Neat Viaduct in Tennessee
Last post by kurumi - Today at 11:51:11 AM
Here's a view from the bridge, taken in 2010. It was worth a side trip on a Nashville visit. A few more photos are in the album.

TN 96, view from Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge by therealkurumi, on Flickr
Mid-Atlantic / Re: I-495 and I-270 Managed La...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 11:48:15 AM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on Today at 05:56:02 AMIt looks construction on the Legions Bridge could start in 2026 and open by 2032:

Wasn't there a big project on it within the past 10 years?
General Highway Talk / Re: Which Non-Interstates In Y...
Last post by Scott5114 - Today at 11:42:35 AM
In Nevada, US 95 still qualifies because I-11 has yet to be extended to Exit 99. CC 215 has exit numbers that continue I-215's numbering scheme. Of course, both of these are intended to become Interstates at some point.

One example that currently is not planned to become an Interstate is NV 613 (Summerlin Parkway). It received exit numbers, including an Exit 0, recently enough that GSV has yet to capture them.

Any examples up north?

Quote from: Robinsml on June 12, 2024, 05:59:21 PMThe interstate-grade portions of US-69 in Oklahoma has exit numbers

Other Oklahoma non-interstates with exit numbers:
- OK 351 (Muskogee Turnpike portions)
- OK 364 (eastmost portion)
- OK 375 (Indian Nation Turnpike)
- US 412 (Cimarron and Cherokee turnpike portions)
Pacific Southwest / Re: US 101 and the Last Chance...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 11:35:04 AM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on Today at 05:12:41 AM
Quote from: Max Rockatansky on June 15, 2024, 02:06:58 PMWho was it that was complaining about California never being able to build highway tunnels?  All it seemingly takes is unsolvable long term landslides that aren't in Big Sur.

Regarding Devils Slide, I always wonder if Pedro Mountain Road had been maintained if 1 hypothetically would have reverted to it? 
Right, I said California has never been able to build a tunnel.

Lots of tunnels in CA...
Northeast / Re: New Hampshire
Last post by SectorZ - Today at 11:32:46 AM
Quote from: The Ghostbuster on Today at 10:33:26 AMI doubt that. One thing I find interesting about NH 101 is it once had five suffix routes: NH 101A-101E. Of course, 101B/101C/101D no longer exist. Are there any other New Hampshire highways that have suffixes like NH 101 has/had?

NH 11 has A thru D all still currently in existence. 25 has A-C, and (US) 1, 3, 16, 28, 103, 110, and 115 all have an A and B route, 28 having 28A and "Bypass 28". 115B and 11D may de defunct at this point. 113 has an A and a B, but the B route is of ME 113.

101E always baffled me since it was nowhere near 101 or its alternate routes.
General Highway Talk / Re: Which Non-Interstates In Y...
Last post by tigerwings - Today at 11:31:44 AM

US 24
US 23 has exit 234 signed before the MI line
OH 2
It really isn't much a jog from Fernley to Reno.  Fernley lines up better with US 95 heading north to the ION Highway anyways.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by vdeane - Today at 11:16:30 AM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on Today at 08:18:12 AMI'm aware of the topography. But do it right or don't do it at all. That's my philosophy. If they want to throw it away the hell east on I-80 then fuck it I could care less about it.

I think the only thing that it would really have going for it to get extended any further northwest would be if that big lithium mine comes to fruition. I'm not sure how many new cars and trucks that would put on the road though.

Or who knows maybe that Oregon, Idaho, Northern California succession thing Will happen and that new area will want their own high-speed road. I sure wouldn't count on Federal dollars is helping out with it though lol
How is going through Carson doing it right?  The topography says it all.  Las Vegas is east enough of Reno that you need to go east-west between the two somewhere.  Terrain dictates that somewhere is I-80 unless you're going to spend a lot more.  By the time you get to the north side of Walker Lake, I-80 and the southern end of I-580 are about the same mileage as each other, but the latter is much more expensive.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Central Freeway of US 101 ...
Last post by TheStranger - Today at 11:16:06 AM
Quote from: The Ghostbuster on Today at 11:08:02 AMIs the remainder of the Central Freeway going to be demolished? I believe a state senator (Scott Wiener) proposed demolishing more San Francisco freeways in 2022, including the Central Freeway.

I haven't heard anything new since then.  Caltrans in the past year or so recently completed a project redoing the exterior paint of the viaduct from light blue/aquamarine to dark blue.
I haven't found anything additional since he asked Caltrans for a feasibility study.  In general I didn't follow the story very closely since it felt like a publicity thing and nobody really was talking about it.  I could be wrong, I'll let others chime in case I missed something.

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