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Roadtrip trivia?  Well, it's an experimental version of our mini-trivia night that I wanted to try out.  If you're interested in finding out about it...and participating in the first one...join us tonight (8/18) at 10:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM PDT in the AARoads Chat Room!

Roadtrip trivia? Sounds like it could be interesting. I'll be here, no doubt.

Roadgeek Adam:
Cool :D

hmmm - I wonder how this will play out? :confused:

Congratulations to one of our newest members, Doig, on winning the first Roadtrip Trivia night last week, as we traveled from Pickle Lake, ON to Mansfield, PA through a series of trivia questions.

While we're not going to do this every week, based on the response of the 1st one, we're going to give it another try this week, but at a much earlier time.  Join us this Wednesday evening @ 8:45 PM EDT/5:45 PM EDT (or any time thereafter) for this next new version of our mini-Trivia Nights.  We hope to see you then!


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