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Overhead sign at the (at the time) CT 2/17 split in Glastonbury, from the June 1956 Highway Department "Cuts and Fills" newsletter:

This is now CT 17 southbound at the left exit to New London Turnpike eastbound. The Turnpike became SR 582 when CT 2 was relocated in 1964, but is a town road now. There have been rumblings about decreasing the interchange footprint to a diamond to free up some land.

The sign is white on a blue background; letters and numbers are porcelainized. Later the sign will be illuminated.

Snowy street scene of Route 25/109 intersection (now US 202 and CT 209; street view) in Bantam, 1942. Zoom in for some nice classic 25 and 109 route markers (shown below; but the complete photo is at the Reddit link).

Oil truck under overpass after hitting interstate signs, Hartford, February 7, 1969 (Hartford Times; hosted at CT Digital Archive)

Truck takes down a sign bridge on I-84 EB right before the incomplete interchange at I-91 (the famous Morgan Street exit to 91 north)


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