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Hey everyone  :poke:
I make the "Full Length Interstates" series on Youtube - real time videos of the full length of interstates recorded without commentary.
Here's an example of my work:
// I live in Massachusetts, my recordings are Interstates I can access in a day trip. Interstates filmed include, I-89, I-91, I-93, portions of I-95, and the local I-84, I-190, I-290, I-195, I-295, I-395, and I-495.
Additional videos include driving videos from various computer games.
For the past year I've been posting these videos on my personal channel. Recently I've decided to start a dedicated channel for Full Length Interstates, to create a degree of separation between my other activity on youtube and this hobby. I've migrated most of my videos over to the new channel, so the old videos are now unlisted.
I've also posted some new content for the FLI channel:
Reshoots: I-495 retake, I-93 retake, I-93 night
New Interstates: I-787
The I-787 is the result of branching out into non-interstates. My most recent video is of the State Route 2's from Boston to Albany. A new thing I'm trying in the upload process is to upscale to 4k to increase quality. Youtube compresses the crap out of high motion and high detail footage, so upscaling is one way to achieve higher bitrate. Unfortunately the Route 2 video seems to be stuck at 1080p, it's something I'm trying to resolve with Youtube Support.
Another thing I'm trying is head mounted go-pro style POV footage. I've already posted a short 4K/60fps POV video I recorded driving through Providence as a way to test my new action camera. I am currently processing POV video of a large portion of a certain US highway.
I have a few more ideas planned for the channel, a week trip planned for when the days get longer again, and maybe something that involves my other license.
The Full Length Interstate twitter account is @FLItweets. My channel is available at the link, I also bought the domain name to redirect to the youtube page. My current goal with the channel is to get to 100 subscribers so I can customize the channel URL on youtube, so I would appreciate a follow :bigass:
If you've seen my videos before, thank you for your support! The roads are mainly why I do this, but it doesn't hurt knowing there are people who watch this stuff (I too, often use my own product)

My new video just finished processing! It's the full length of US 6 in New England, eastbound from the NY border to Cape Cod. What's special is that the entire video is POV filmed on a head-mounted camera, just something different I'm trying out.
// for watching!

Nice video of the 93.
Perhaps a full length of the Mass Pike from 1A/Logan to the NY line could be the next big vid (unless the tolls would be too much)?

Happy Thanksgiving! New videos on my channel:

NY I-88 POV in 1440p/60 (Westbound only)
// I-88 Dashcam in 1080p/30 (both ways)
// From Boston to the NY I-88 Exit (You're welcome Mike   :bigass:)
More videos from this trip on the way

Do you do requests? RI-MA 146?


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