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--- Quote from: akotchi on February 04, 2009, 01:17:25 PM ---I have always been curious about the end of the separated HOV lanes on I-95 well south of the Beltway.

First, are they to be extended?  I seem to recall seeing unused pavement and bridge.

Secondly, how much of a time savings can there really be southbound in the afternoon, when the HOV lanes merge into the general lanes?  I seem to recall getting caught up in tieups there and seeing backups in the HOV lanes, too.

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Each time they extend it, they leave a stub end. Froggie probably has a better idea of where they may end, but in all honesty they should extend southward to Fredericksburg, perhaps where U.S. 17 leaves the freeway for its route east of Interstate 95.

Is the Staunton bypass complete now? I drove the southern half in 2005 and have not revisited it.

Also I noted on the latest Virginia official state map that Virginia 37 is shown as proposed to continue east of Interstate 81. What is the background on this?


--- Quote ---Yes the Staunton bypass is complete (was completed August 2006).  And fully signed as VA replaced VA 275 on the northern segment.
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But it's not a full freeway, is it? Google Maps shows it as just a 2-lane highway with some intersections on the northern part.


--- Quote from: froggie on February 12, 2009, 03:49:02 PM ---That's correct.

From I-81 south to west of Old Greenville Rd (but before VA 252), it's a 4-lane freeway.  From there around to US 250, it's a Super-2 Freeway.  From there back around the north side to just west of I-81, it's a Super-2 Expressway.

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The section of VA 262(including OLD VA 275) that is two lanes is on a 4-lane ROW throughout similar to VA 171 east of VA 134 to Poquoson right????

Is Victory Blvd. (VA-171) actually on a 4-lane ROW? I know there's a stub for the westbound lanes when it transitions right before Hampton Hwy., (VA-134) but I seem to recall there being a ditch and then woods pretty immediately on either side... and I drive through there every day almost...
Actually, upon closer inspection I see that it is... hmm... I remember that now.

Sorry, slightly OT. I should start a topic about these things...


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