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J N Winkler:
I have assembled a set of links to state DOT sign drawings books (essentially, state-level versions of the federal Standard Highway Signs and Markings book, or "baby SHSes" if you will) to use as a reference.  This list is arranged alphabetically by full name of the state (or equivalent jurisdiction) and is intended to cover all 50 states, DC, and inhabited US territories.  (Canada and other countries outside the US are a future project.)

To avoid problems from clicking on large PDF files over slow connections, each link goes to the nearest webpage rather than to the resource itself.  In order to be included on this list, the document or collection thereof must have a format substantially similar to that of the federal SHS and must be available in PDF.  Thus, roadway standard plans that include just a few sheets with sign details (such as Kansas DOT's or New Hampshire DOT's) are not included; Florida DOT has a Sign Library but it, too, is not included since the sign drawings are not available as PDFs.

Designation as color or B&W is based on the graphic that has the dimensioning.  Thus, if a sign design page has a black keyline with dimensioning but the measurements are omitted for a small full-color rendering of the sign in one corner (very common in Ohio DOT's SDMM, for example), it is counted as B&W.  A page is considered pattern-accurate if all legend uses the same letter glyphs that are specified for the actual sign; I haven't checked kerning, scaling, etc.  On the other hand, knockoff Series E Modified shrunk horizontally to fake Series C (common for older drawings in Maryland DOT's book) does not count.

Where archives are noted as available, the older versions are hosted on the live website (i.e., availability through the Web Archive is not considered), and the format description applies to the current edition.

As with the MUTCD itself, some of these books try to replace the equivalent federal document (sometimes by copying pages wholesale, sometimes by recreating the federal design in the state DOT's preferred format), while others supplement it by including only designs specific to the state.  I haven't tried to differentiate states according to the approaches they follow because the distinction can be subtle.  California, for example, uses both state and federal versions of the gore sign and exit tab.

Some states (e.g., Minnesota) have guide sign design manuals, and these are included as equivalents to the design guidelines chapter in the federal SHS.  However, I haven't included traffic engineering manuals where confection of sign panel details forms part of a broader discussion of traffic design issues.

I plan to keep this list up to date, and welcome comments, additions, corrections, etc.

*  AK--Alaska Sign Design Specifications (color, pattern-accurate, includes archives)

*  AZ--Arizona Manual of Approved Signs (color, pattern-accurate)

*  CA--Caltrans Sign Specs (color/B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  CO--Colorado DOT Sign Library (color/B&W, partially pattern-accurate); Colorado DOT Guide Sign Design Manual (color, pattern-accurate); Colorado's Supplement to the MUTCD Standard Highway Signs (color/B&W, partially pattern-accurate, perhaps the Sign Library via a different route)

*  CT--ConnDOT Catalog of Signs (color, pattern-accurate; notwithstanding title, this is a sign drawings book)

*  DE--Delaware Sign Book (color, pattern-accurate)

*  ID--ITD Standard Highway Signs & Markings Supplement (color, pattern-accurate)

*  IL--Illinois Standard Highway Signs Book (B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  MD--Maryland Standard Signs Book (B&W, partially pattern-accurate)

*  MA--MassDOT Standard Sign Book (color, pattern-accurate)

*  MI--Michigan DOT Standard Highway Signs (color/B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  MN--MnDOT Standard Signs and Markings Manual (color, pattern-accurate); MnDOT Traffic Guide Sign Design Manual (color/B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  MT--MDT Sign Designs (B&W, partially pattern-accurate, each sheet headed "Sign Design Calculations")

*  NV--Nevada DOT Highway Sign Supplement (color, pattern-accurate)

*  ND--ND Standard Highway Signs Manual (B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  OH--Ohio DOT Sign Designs & Markings Manual (color/B&W, pattern-accurate, includes archives)

*  OR--Oregon DOT Sign Policy and Guidelines (color, pattern-accurate, includes archives)

*  PA--Handbook of Approved Signs (designated by PennDOT as Publication 236; filter for Publications, and choose to display All) (B&W, not pattern-accurate)

*  PR--Manual de Señales de Tránsito (color, partially pattern-accurate)

*  SC--SCDOT Supplement to the MUTCD (color, pattern-accurate; notwithstanding title, this is a sign drawings book)

*  TN--Tennessee Supplement to the Standard Highway Signs Book (color, pattern-accurate)

*  TX--Standard Highway Sign Designs for Texas (color, pattern-accurate)

*  UT--Utah Standard Highway Signs Supplement (color, not pattern-accurate)

*  VA--Virginia Standard Highway Signs (color, pattern-accurate)

*  WA--WSDOT Sign Fabrication Manual (color/B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  WV--WVDOT Sign Fabrication Manual (B&W, pattern-accurate)

*  WI--WisDOT Sign Plate Manual (B&W, pattern-accurate)

Thanks, this is really helpful!

Here's Oklahoma's, which isn't a collected book per se as much as a smattering of one-page PDFs:

Dirt Roads:
Just stumbled onto this NCDOT Signage and Delineation webpage:

Don't get duped like I did.  Directives marked as "Division 9" and "Division 12" have nothing in common with the Highway Divisions with the same numbers.  Those are standard contract "sections" numbered as Division 01 through Division 17.

Not a state but a province, Québec's MTQ has sign specs in PDF for most of the signs on their Répertoire des dispositifs de signalisation routière du Québec:

One may click on a sign, then "Devis" if available, to see the spec sheet for that sign.


--- Quote from: Scott5114 on July 05, 2022, 06:08:40 PM ---Thanks, this is really helpful!

Here's Oklahoma's, which isn't a collected book per se as much as a smattering of one-page PDFs:

--- End quote ---

You're telling me ODOT actually has standards for sign drawings?  :-D


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