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Why are the states split up like this?

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Once I noticed this I can't unsee it. Why are Louisiana and Mississippi cut up unevenly on the forum descriptions while all the other states get cleanly put in a forum?

Strangely, Northern Mississippi would have been changed to fit with Western Tennessee which they moved out of mid-south. Tupelo and Southhaven clearly fit better with Memphis.

Louisiana traditionally has two major regional separators. The parts south of the 31st parallel and the parts from the Atchafalaya River West.

So Southeast Louisiana would be the parts east of the Atchafalaya River Basin.

South Louisiana is (generally)  defined as  the part south of the 31st parallel.

While Southeast Louisiana is divided somewhat from the rest of south Louisiana , The division of north and south is far greater in heritage, culture, and economics.

Personally El Paso fits better in the mountain west.

Wouldn't it be easier to set up forums for specific states rather than regions? Perhaps in addition there could be a couple regional forums for topics that straddle several states.

The name of the category would also have to be changed from Regional Boards to State Boards.

In theory, this sounds like a nice idea. Although it would create a super long list on the forum index with a single category listing all 50 states. Yeah, you can have 100 threads per page within a forum by default and up to 50 messages per page within a thread–I currently have the defaults of 100 and 25, respectively, but I'll probably end up changing the latter to 50–which you can change in your options to show more or less, but there's no such option for the forum index.

Alternatively, each region could be changed from a forum to a category and then have each state as a forum within those categories. You could also simplify the regions and just have Western States, Central States, and Eastern States.

But putting all that aside, it would be such as massive task because there would be a lot of moving of threads involved, especially if we make each of the 50 states a forum, as whoever would have to go through each thread and figure out where it belongs. A lot of titles make it clear, but not always. And then sometimes you have a thread that involves two or more states. For example, my Interstate 82 thread is about the route in both Washington and Oregon, so if we were to have forums for each state, where would a thread like that go? Completely outside of all that and just in General Highway Talk?

That's why I'm saying that it's a good idea in theory, but in practice, I'm not so sure.

I’m surprised the Northern Mississippi thread wasn’t merged with the general “Mississippi”  thread in the Southeast regional board based on the fact that the former barely ever gets posted in.


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