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A ChatGPT alternative is, and right away I learned a lot about Connecticut highways! These are some serious hallucinations.

--- Quote from: ---Connecticut has used a majority of the available numbers for its highways, but there are a few that have not been used or are not currently in use. Here are some examples:

* Odd Numbers above 199: Connecticut has not used odd numbers above 199 for its state routes[2]. The highest odd-numbered state route in Connecticut is Route 199, which runs from Pomfret to the Massachusetts state line[2].
* Even Numbers above 218: Similarly, even numbers above 218 have not been used for state routes in Connecticut[2]. The highest even-numbered state route in Connecticut is Route 218, which runs from Windsor to Bloomfield[2].
* Three-Digit Numbers above 399: Connecticut has not used three-digit numbers above 399 for its state routes[2]. The highest three-digit state route in Connecticut is Route 399, which runs from Route 189 in Bloomfield to Route 218 in Windsor[2].
* Four-Digit Numbers: Connecticut does not have any four-digit state route numbers[2]. Four-digit route numbers are typically used for local or county roads in other states.
* Exit Numbers above 100: With the ongoing exit renumbering project, Connecticut will be using exit numbers based on mile markers, which means that exit numbers above 100 will not be used[5]. The highest exit number in Connecticut is currently Exit 130 on I-95 in Stratford[5].

--- End quote ---

I guess the number 399 is neither even nor odd.

Yeah, exit 130 being in the western part of the state is horrible.

Switching from consecutive numbered exits to mileage based numbered exits spreads them out, requiring larger numbers. The last exit on I-95 will probably switch from 93 to 203. Of course, that could have been the stupidity of the writer at the Hartford Courant; I couldn't tell because of the paywall.


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