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I didn't see this and created a separate thread for this accident:

Apparently the initial report is that there was a broken rail that caused the derailment and the collapse.

The Ghostbuster:
Has anyone heard about this project?:

Hadn't heard about it, but it's definitely needed. The traffic there and at the US6 exit in Silverthorne can be nuts on weekends, especially during ski season.

It certainly could be helpful for sure. CDOT's made a lot of good improvements to Highway 9 but this connection could help.

Something left out of the pedestrian discussion seems to be when they are in the wrong. The article states:

--- Quote ---About 15 years ago, my wife and I were driving through the intersection when a snowboarder was walking across the Lusher–DDR–Route 9 intersection south of the interchange. He was nailed by a vehicle switching lanes as it jockeyed for position to get in the correct lane for I-70.
--- End quote ---

Now if they were both driving through the intersection, one must presume the snowboarder was crossing against the light. It's trendy to blame the vehicles when nearly always it's the pedestrians who just assume cars will see them and stop for them.

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