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Seattle area historic freeway videos


HUGE find from the Washington State Archives (recorded by WSDOT):


SR-99 northbound from 1983, plus both directions from 1987
I-5 northbound from Tukwila to Seattle from 1983
I-405 northbound from Tukwila to Kirkland from 1983
I-90 eastbound and westbound from Seattle to Issaquah from 1987 (!)

and more!

Seen them posted before, but it'd be good to have a separate topic.

The I-90 video from 1987 is pretty neat, since it shows the temporary routing down Dearborn and around Beacon Hill, the old tunnel portals (with Exit 4B to 35th), the construction of the westbound floating bridge, a radically different Mercer Island section, and more.


While double-decker freeways have long gone out of style, it's still kind of cool to see the Alaskan Way Viaduct as it was 35 years ago. Also a very fun way to compare how much the city has changed between then and today, with the two most obvious changes being the reroute into a tunnel under downtown and two stadiums occupying the same space that the Kingdome did.


A new batch has been uploaded. One of my favorites: SR 529 in 1983, before it was rerouted off Broadway to serve the naval base. At the end, there's an old bit of Marysville that was demolished to make way for the ugly downtown strip mall.


Stephane Dumas:
We could add to the list a part of the first car chase in the movie McQ where John Wayne (McQ) chase a delivery vehicule on I-5.


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