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This week the Québec Government announced plans for a new river tunnel at Québec City:  // (in French, but easy enough to follow if you don't know the language).

(I don't think Memphis has an analogue announcement, however.)

Wonder how long that would take to build...

MTQ announced this morning the twinning of R-158 between Saint-Alexis and A-31. A new ramp for EB trafic will be built at Chemin Archambault (Crabtree) and a new interchange will be built at R-343 (Saint-Paul). Perhaps the Saint-Esprit―Saint-Alexis portion is included in the A-25 extension programme (which is in fact an at-grade expressway in the autoroute ROW between Saint-Esprit and Rawdon), announced together with a Saint-Lin―Laurentides bypass (R-158 west).

Stephane Dumas:
A-10 interchange with PQ-139 will get a twin viaduct in anticipation of the 4-laning of PQ-139 between A-10 and PQ-112.

and the PQ-139 intersection with PQ-112 will be reconfigurated as well.

Looks like in addition to those, several road segments will be repaved and new signals will be added along 112 and at the 104/139 junction, presuming the eastern junction at Gilman Corner since there's already a signal on the west side of Cowansville.


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