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I-66 HO/T Lanes

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--- Quote ---The following fees and penalties may be applied for HOV violations:

- Civil penalties ranging from $50.00 for a first offense to $500.00 for fourth and subsequent offenses (see VA Code 33.2-503 for further details)
- Other administration fees and penalties may be applied by Fairfax Courts or Prince William County courts.
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Why would there not be a fine for violating the law?

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I don't think they can actually catch you.  I never see them pulling over people

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They can keep busy (on 95/395/495) nabbing trucks and other >2 axle vehicles.  I have seen passenger cars with a VSP car with them but i have no idea why they are there.

This article goes into how they caught cheaters before the new tech installed in/near some toll gantries replaced it:
A photo of their set up can be seen here -
I have seen these in the field before.

they do occasionally do targeted enforcement of the HOV rules:

In this Feb 2020 news story, they cited over 40,000 HOV violations issued in Virginia over last 3 years (this would include Hampton Roads)
See ~1:45 in the video at
I understand the point of the story was that HOV enforcement isn't as robust as people would like.

FHWA put out info about HOV systems (not sure of the date but it is way later than the 2008 date at the bottom) including this:

--- Quote ---Peak Hour Violation Rate.  Most of the HOV facilities in the inventory do not provide peak hour violation rate data, so it is difficult to make definitive statements.  Of the 86 HOV facilities with data provided, the range is from 1 percent to 43 percent.  The highest reported peak hour violation rates are I-15 between SR 163 and SR 56 in San Diego, California (43 percent), I-35W SB between 66th St. and Burnsville Pkwy. in the Twin Cities, Minnesota (37 percent), SR 54 EB between I-805 and SR 125 in San Diego, California (28 percent), and seven facilities in the Washington DC region, either in Maryland or Virginia (ranging from 17 to 28 percent).  The other 76 HOV facilities with data provided reported peak hour violation rates of 15 percent or less.
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It was easier of course before the HOT concept emerged.  VSP used to camp at the exit ramps of I-95 HOV lanes to catch cheaters.

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So what are they doing on I-66, as I see them just sitting there.
Side note, I think you can cheat and not get caught.

Stephane Dumas:
One guy on Youtube uploaded a video of I-66 HOT lanes. The lengh of the video is 25 minutes.

Kudos to Google Maps for finally taking a stab at showing the HOV lanes that opened, um, 4 months ago.


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