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AAA Carolinas release their best of and worst of 2009


In a list that gives a 'red light' to bad decisions and a 'green
light' to good decisions, AAA Carolinas listed their best and worst
lists of 2009 in North and South Carolina.

The list focuses more on political and legal decisions - from anti-
texting laws to the failure to write tickets - versus any specific
construction openings or project starting.

For more:

It needs a zip code from the Carolinas to access. Google gave me 29409 which seems to work fine.


--- Quote from: realjd on January 02, 2010, 07:15:47 AM ---It needs a zip code from the Carolinas to access.

--- End quote ---

wow, worst access protection scheme ever.

Oddly, I tried a zip code from Alaska which it rejected (redirecting me to AAA Mountain West), but when I tried a zip code from Maryland it accepted it and brought up the article.

edit - Ah, ok. Type in a correct zip code once and thereafter it accepts any zip code you type in even if it's wrong. I concur: worst protection scheme ever.

Though why does it have an access protection scheme?  There's really no legitimate reason to restrict information by geographic area.


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